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Sacred Trinity Essential Oil Roller

Sacred Trinity Essential Oil Roller


Sacred Trinity essential oil blend combines Palo Santo,Cedarwood, Copabia, Frankincense,Myrrh,and Gold in a Jajoba oil base in a roller to be easily applied on wrists,neck,or temples for relaxation.A truly serene blend of exotic earthy and grounding scents from Sacred plants from around the world have been used throughout the centuries in ceremonies for energetic protection and other spiritual practices.


Mysterious notes of myrrh and frankincense offer themselves up in our Trinity Essential Oil Blend, supported by the fragrant warmth of Copabia and Palo Santo


The antibacterial properties of myrrh and Palo Santo make these ancient remedies the perfect companions to see you through the winter months.


Coupled with mood-boosting frankincense and gold, this blend is the perfect way to brighten your days.

  • Ingredients

    Jajboba Oil,Palo Santo,Cedarwood,Copabia,Frankensense.

  • How To Use

    Rub on wrists, neck,or temples to help release tension.

  • Product Highlights

    • as an anti-inflammatory
    • to promote energetic healing
    • to provide pain relief

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