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Finding Your Cup of Tea:Knowing Your Medicine

I recall being young and trying to sip down a strong steep of English breakfast tea, for Ef’s sake I’d think to myself. If this is tea I don’t want it. Funny how much I occasionally enjoy a nice cup of black tea now and then as a more understanding adult. See I had no idea that there was an art form to the world of tea. I also had no clue there was a variety of teas and a difference between herbal tea and the actual tea plants. When I was 19 I joined Americore and volunteered in an after school program in the city of Olean NY. We worked with minorities and my job was to create educational programs that were fun and interesting. How I came up with the idea of working along side the Japanese American National Museum and doing a video call is beyond me, especially since this was the beginning of such technology. However here we were a group of 25 kids and myself being walked through a traditional tea ceremony. Needless to say it was this day I learned the art form of tea and all the different varieties. I also learned that the damn black tea was so bitter because it was over steeped- go figure! So I’m here to say we have multiple blends at Trū Alkemè and it’s important to find the one that best suites you. If you can’t stand the taste of Chamomile, but still are suffering from the inability to sleep, maybe try serenitea- even though this blend is meant to help calm the nerves and bring about feelings of ease, if sipped at night the calming of the nervous system may allow one to get deeper sleep. I highly recommend reading about the herbs that are in each one of our blends and if you try a tea that your pallet doesn’t enjoy don’t get discouraged. Either try another one or reach out to us directly. We love to chat about what teas may best align with you! Our goal is that you look forward to that moment during Your day where you get to pour hot water over our loose leaf blends and have your own personal ceremonial experience.

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