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Full Spectrum Farm

The land in which our farm blossomed was purchased in upstate New York in 2013. For over a decade the founder of  Trū Alkemè-Nicolette Hallock has been putting her heart and soul into creating a sanctuary for her family, friends, community, plants, & wild life.Full spectrum farm uses all sustainable permaculture, biodynamic, & organic practices, ensuring the highest quality products from soil to shelf. We thrive for biodiversity and companion planting, a technique that allows the plants to work together and support one another-just as we should be doing with in our society.Nicolettes passion for such a reality led her to creating a women's medicine gathering that she hosts on her farm every year-where women gather to educate & learn from one another, along with celebrating our existence as being a part of nature.You can check out the mission & buy tickets for this years event at

Life on the Farm

Our Farm Family

Full Specrtum farm is a small family owned and operated farm located in the North East.  We grow on four acres, keeping our farm small allows us to give specific detail to each individual plant, which helps us to keep integrity. We use organic and biodynamic practices making sure our plants are never exposed to chemical fertilizers,pesticides, or any other unfavorable form of growing, that is quite often used in the industry. We direct our energies into creating a healthy,sustainable, ecological environment using permaculture techniques, unlike large monoculture farms that concentrate on growing one specific crop at large scale, We practice polyculture, which is a farming technique where a variety of plants are planted together in the field, forming a symbiotic relationship that have been found to help increase yields. Many of the herbs that are used in Trū Alkemè products are grown alongside one another, keeping a synergistic bond from soil to shelf!


The word "herb" comes from the Latin word herba, meaning grass, green, stalks,or blades. In botany the term herb refers to a herbaceous plant defined as a small, seed-bearing plant without a woody stem in which all aerial parts die back to the ground at the end of each growing season. 

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